Breakfast Bowls (Whole30, Paleo, GF, DF)

The day has finally come for me to share my favorite recipe… my breakfast bowls! I make one variation of these or another for breakfast almost every day! They are so easy and can be easily changed to suit your tastes or what you have at home. Easy, nutritious, and delicious- these bowls check all those boxes and I’m so excited to finally share the recipe with y’all.

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Slow Cooker Carnitas (Whole30, GF, DF, Paleo)

Hello, friends! It’s been so cold and rainy here in Little Rock and I’ve wanted nothing more than warming foods. I have really been working on checking in with my body and figuring out what my body really wants and needs. Not what my mind or emotions want, what my body needs. This is called intuitive eating. I would encourage you to begin practicing intuitive eating. I know you will love the results. For me, I had to create a healthy relationship with food and how it makes me feel before I could really dive into intuitive eating.

So, this past week I checked in with myself and my body said… PROTEIN! This is what my mom calls being “meat hungry.” Have you ever gotten to where you just crave meat? For me, this happens when I am amping up my workouts or lifting more weights. My body wanted protein so I whipped up a batch of my favorite slow cooker carnitas. I’ve been making these for years, with a tweak here or a tweak there and I want to encourage you to do the same! Add what sounds good to you, throw it in the pot, and make it happen!

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Acorn Squash Soup (Paleo, Whole30, Vegan, GF, DF)

I’m almost done with my second round of whole30! This round has been great and I think it was easier than my first round. This round I traveled which is difficult but I made it work! I have learned a ton this round and I’m looking forward to the reintroduction phase. It’s my favorite part about whole30.

This is one of my FAVORITE whole30 soups and I make it all the time! It personifies my food beliefs: simple, nutrient dense, delicious. It’s thick, creamy (with no dairy!), and super filling. But my favorite part is that it’s all made on a sheet pan! How easy is that? I understand that you don’t have hours to cook dinner for your family. We all have carpool, errands, grocery store, feed the dogs, husbands, kids, the list goes on…. and on…. and on…. SO, this recipe is perfect for a cold weeknight. Bonus- you’ll have leftovers. I made this before I went out of town and my husband was able to eat on it all weekend!

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Buffalo Chicken Dip (Whole30, Paleo, GF, DF)

Hi friends! Who else accidentally planned their whole30 to fall during the Super Bowl? 🙋‍♀️ Oopsie! But that’s ok! I’m ready and willing to take on this challenge. And just in time for Sunday’s game, I give you my Whole30 Buffalo Chicken Dip!

Nothing says Super Bowl more than buffalo chicken anything and everything. I have made a similar dip in the past with a cream cheese substitute but I had to make a whole30 option! Technically COULD use an almond milk cheese but I wanted to play it safe. Looking at you, whole30 police.

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Sweet Potato Fritters with Lemon Aioli and Crispy Prosciutto (Whole30, Paleo, GF, DF)

Holy smokes, it’s been a long time since I posted a recipe! It’s been a wild month- Christmas, my husband’s birthday, my birthday, a visit to California, back home, my son has been sick… whew! I’m worn out just typing all that out.

But we’re back! And I’m here with a brand new whole30 recipe. I’m in the middle of my second whole30 right now and LOVING IT! Whole30 is the best. If you are unfamiliar, whole30 is 30 days of cutting out the following: grains, gluten, sweeteners, legumes, dairy, alcohol. The best part is the reintroduction phase because you are able to discover your food triggers and possible sensitivities. I always feel and look my best during whole30. This round of whole30 has been much easier for me than the first. Probably because I’ve been implementing more whole30 recipes regularly and using what I learned from my first round in my daily life.

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Maple Orange Glazed Pork (Paleo, GF, DF)

Happy New Year! I hope your 2019 is off to a FAB start! Do you do resolutions? I used to, but last year I started choosing a word for the year. Last year my word was THRIVE and this year it is GRATITUDE. And I am so grateful for you, dear reader! Thank you for following along, trying my recipes, encouraging me, and loving food as much as I do!

A few little housekeeping notes: I will be doing whole30 but I am going on a trip first and waiting until I get home to start. Know thyself. Don’t set yourself up for failure! I know I want to eat a GF cookie or two on my trip. And that’s the truth! That being said, this recipe is NOT whole30 but I have lots of others I’m working on!

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Christmas Potatoes (Paleo, GF, DF)

The first time I made these potatoes I said, “Hey! These taste like Christmas!” I used to hate sweet potatoes (I’d like to apologize to sweet potatoes everywhere) but I think I just hadn’t found a way to enjoy them. These potatoes are BY NO MEANS low calorie or low fat so don’t get that in your head. But you know what they are? DELICIOUS, a little bit sweet, nutty, savory, and BUTTERY. What more do you need in life?

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