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Vangie's Salsa

This is the recipe I ALWAYS make! Pot luck? This is what I’m bringing. Come to my house? This is what I’m making for an appetizer. I even used this recipe in my demonstrative speech in speech class. In 7th grade. That’s how long I’ve been making this salsa! CONFESSION! This isn’t actually my recipe. People have been calling this “my” salsa for years but I’m finally admitting the truth. I actually got this recipe from a PRECIOUS family friend who I have known literally my whole life. I haven’t seen the actual typed up recipe in years so I make it from memory.

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My Secret Family Recipe for Cranberries

Since it’s ALMOST Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday because Thanksgiving = food) I thought I would share my “secret” family recipe for cranberries. I don’t believe in secret recipes because I think it’s dumb. I love to share my recipes (obviously) because 1. Why wouldn’t you want to share them with someone? I want everyone to eat something delicious! And 2. You totally get credit for the recipe when someone makes it!


My mom and I make these cranberries for Thanksgiving and sometimes Christmas every year. This recipe came from my great grandmother. My mom’s dad’s mother. So my grandfather’s mother. Grandmom Deane. DISCLAIMER: This recipe is the most un-paleo recipe of all time. You’ve been warned. But it is delicious and warms my soul and that’s worth it.


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Grain Free, Gluten Free, Paleo Banana Bread

I LOVE BANANAS! Sometimes I get a craving for them and I truly believe cravings are our body telling us what we need, which in this case would be potassium. Bananas also have magnesium, vitamin B-6, vitamin C (GREAT for your skin), dietary fiber, protein, and iron. Bananas are more than just potassium!

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