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Keep Austin Delicious

Welcome back! They say introverts are energized by being alone, and extroverts are energized by time with others. Well, I’m energized by traveling, adventure, and exploration. So, I guess that makes me a…travel-vert? Yes, let’s go with that. A few weeks ago, I went on such a fun little weekend getaway to Austin, Texas! I went with two sweet friends, Mandy and Amelia. We had dinner each night at the event we went to.

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Copper Coons

My sweet husband and I recently went on a getaway to Copper Mountain, Colorado. I absolutely LOVE to travel! When we got married he promised me adventure, and boy has he delivered. We have traveled to some amazing places with the most important part: amazing food. I would love to share this trip’s food with you too!

Timmy had to work, so I got to explore, workout, and go to the spa! I had never been snow skiing before so we got to try that too! When I was working out on our first morning, I was panting like a dog- I couldn’t breathe! Well I didn’t know that is a side effect of the altitude. Copper Mountain is at almost 10,000 feet! Pretty crazy. No wonder I couldn’t breathe! 

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Hawaii Is For Eaters

Recently my precious husband, Timmy, and I went on a VERY special trip to Hawaii! It was sort of celebrating our second wedding anniversary, but also just a fun getaway for us! We definitely needed a nice, relaxing trip and it fit the bill! We stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Maui. 

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