Copper Coons


My sweet husband and I recently went on a getaway to Copper Mountain, Colorado. I absolutely LOVE to travel! When we got married he promised me adventure, and boy has he delivered. We have traveled to some amazing places with the most important part: amazing food. I would love to share this trip’s food with you too!

Timmy had to work, so I got to explore, workout, and go to the spa! I had never been snow skiing before so we got to try that too! When I was working out on our first morning, I was panting like a dog- I couldn’t breathe! Well I didn’t know that is a side effect of the altitude. Copper Mountain is at almost 10,000 feet! Pretty crazy. No wonder I couldn’t breathe! 


Our first night at Copper we walked around the cute little village and just explored. Tim had been there before because he has been to this conference several times. The little village was PRECIOUS and reminded me of a Hallmark movie. FINALLY- I found it!!!! Cue Candace Cameron Bure. It was SO COLD (cold like I have never felt before, I think it was 12 degrees) so we really needed something warm. We decided on a Mexican restaurant called Casa Sanchez! If there is chori-queso on the menu I’m going to order it. You can take that to the bank. So guess what? We ordered it! Chori-queso is basically chorizo and melted cheese… YUM! Count me in. I love love LOVE chorizo. It’s basically Mexican pork sausage. Pork with Mexican spices. So good. I’ve never made my own but it’s on my list. I also had a margarita. I chose the margarita natural which was a very simple mixture of lime juice, organic agave, and tequila. I always try to choose a margarita that is made with something other than sweet and sour mix. That stuff is yucky. The simpler the better! In my opinion sweet and sour mix makes you feel worse the next day than tequila! I also ordered enchiladas and Tim had fajitas but we ate it so fast I forgot to take pictures of it. 


The next night we went to this cute mountain side bar and grill type place called Ten Mile Tavern. They had all Colorado beers which was super fun! I tried to order a cider beer but they were out which was a bummer but I ended up getting a fun apricot lager which was good. At this restaurant I ended up ordering I think my favorite dinner I had on this trip. Are you ready for it? Pastrami Fries. Holy yum. These were basically a deconstructed pastrami sandwich on thick cut fries. I could eat these every day, not kidding. They had hot pastrami, gruyere, rosemary mornay sauce, and diced garlic dill pickles, covered in a rye IPA mustard. SO GOOD!! I also got the crispy crab and potato fritters. They were totally delicious but truthfully, not as good as the pastrami fries. These consisted of lump crab, smoked bacon, cream cheese and shredded potatoes with an avocado dipping sauce. Just so you know, I took most of this food back to our condo and ate it at a later date. 


After the obscene dinner I had the night before, for breakfast the next day I chose an acai breakfast bowl at Toast & Co where we ate basically every morning. I recreated the bowl the other day and you can find that post on my facebook and Instagram. This bowl was money in the bank. So good! So fresh. So light. For those who don’t know most bowls like this are literally a smoothie in a bowl. I say that because my husband didn’t know. This bowl was blended acai, Greek yogurt and bananas, fresh blueberries, granola, pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes, agave drizzle, and matcha. I am not normally a huge shredded coconut fan, but with this mixture it worked. 


That night I decided to indulge YET AGAIN (help) with pizza. Real pizza! No cauliflower or gluten free crust here. I can’t tell you the last time I had real pizza and BOY WAS IT GOOD! We got it at this cute little pizza place called Gustino’s Pizza where they handmake the crust and even throw it in the air! My husband wanted simple pepperoni pizza, but he didn’t marry a simple woman. God love him. I wanted every single cheese they offered on the pizza plus pepps. So our pizza had mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta, feta, and pepperoni.  It was delicious!


The next morning was ski day! Like I said, I had never been skiing before but I trained for it, at least a little bit. I was really nervous and I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I really tried to strengthen my quads and calves beforehand. Luckily, spin class has helped with that a ton! So that morning before our lesson, we went back to Toast & Co and I had chorizo hash! I told you I love chorizo didn’t I? This was everything a chorizo hash should be- hearty, spicy, and just low down good. It had chorizo, baby Yukon gold potatoes, caramelized poblanos, onions and moritas salsa, with over easy eggs, plus these gorgeous tortillas. The tortillas were so thick, which everyone knows is the best kind of tortilla. Tim got breakfast sliders which were English muffin, fried egg, and American cheese. He said they were great!


We had a great time skiing and I only fell once! My poor sweet husband was sick as a dog the entire trip but rallied so we could ski together! 


That night we wanted something light so we went to Storm King Lounge for sushi. I started things off with a soju grapefruit martini with was traditional Ty-Ku Soju low calorie liqueur (I have no idea what any of that means but I love grapefruit), grapefruit and a splash of soda. It was nice and light and refreshing! This would be a great drink for summertime. Here’s another thing to know about me- if there is ahi tuna or poke on the menu, I’m gonna get it. So guess what I had? Tuna poke! It was GORGEOUS and completely delicious. I was actually really surprised by the quality of the tuna. It was a deep dark pink which means it’s really good. It was the perfect poke- rice, avocado, poke sauce, wakame, tobiko, scallions, daikon sprouts, and my fave wasabi mayo. YUM! I ate every bite.


NOW ONTO DESSERT! I had one eye on Mountain Top cookies and Crepe Stand (more on crepes later) and ran in there at my first opportunity. I’m powerless against sweets in general but especially cookies. And this cookie. Y’all. It was like the whoopie pie of my dreams. 2 M&M cookies with edible cookie dough in the middle. COME TO MAMA! This thing was huge and I could have lifted weights with it. I didn’t eat the whole thing…. in one sitting. That’s all you need to know. It was worth every delicious carb and calorie. 


STOP- CREPE TIME! I love crepes. But you know what really freaks me out? Savory crepes. I want my crepes filled with sugar. I’m just being honest. So that cute little cookie shop I mentioned also doubles as a crepe stand. I waltzed up in there and ordered a Nutella crepe! Can you tell my eating choices were getting exponentially worse as the trip continued? Luckily I got quickly back on track when I got home. I ate every single delicious bite of this crepe in record time. It was so good!!! What is a crepe you ask? It’s basically a super thin pancake (“a really thin pancake”) with fillings. Like I said, I chose Nutella and Tim got blueberries, brown sugar, and Nutella. The man LOVES blueberries! What a cutie. He had never had a crepe before and I’m certain he’ll never be the same!


For lunch that day we went to a cute little taco stand called Mahi’s Street Tacos. God love em, that tiny little taco shop was PACKED with tons of hungry people. I waited 30 minutes for these tacos and I was so irritated. But it was worth it. I had the taco of the day with was pork belly and I also got the baja shrmp taco which had garlic grilled shrimp, island slaw, pickled onion, and creamy lime chipotle sauce. I’m pretty sure the pork belly taco had the same toppings. The pork belly was my favorite.


That night we had barbeque at Eagle BBQ. I wasn’t sure what to expect with Colorado BBQ but Tim really wanted it so I went with it. It was really good! I had pulled pork, smoked sausage, mac and cheese, and spicy dill pickles. The mac and cheese was LEGIT! Much better than it looks. Their sauces were really good too! Not as good as southern BBQ of course, but very well done! 


We only had one little morning left until we had to go home. I had my eye on something on the Toast & Co menu since the first day we ate there. If you read my post on our trip to Hawaii you might see this one coming… pancakes. Pancakes are my love language. Not just any pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes. These were good BUT I have to say they weren’t as good as my dad’s. Will any pancakes really ever be as good as my dad’s surprise pancakes? Probably not. I can’t reveal the surprise at this time but it might be the same surprise that was inside the pancakes I ordered that day. These pancakes not being as good as my dad’s certainly did not keep me from eating every delicious bite. After the pancakes we headed home! It was a fun trip but it was great to get home to our babies! 


Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little trip recap with us!